The Reality of Glamping at Feather Down Farms Holland

The Reality of Glamping at Feather Down Farms Holland

The first day was exciting but brought some challenges, mainly the weather. It was 6 degrees Celsius (30 Fahrenheit) in our tent. That’s the reality of glamping at Feather Down Farms Holland or anywhere else for that matter. It was so cold I could see my breath as I grabbed my flashlight to head to the Honesty Shop to grab the coffee and fresh milk I had ordered the day before.

Spacious tent interior. © Feather Down Farms
Spacious tent interior, © Feather Down Farms

Around 7:00 AM on the way to the shop, I checked the chicken larder for farm fresh eggs, but I was not alone. Aside from the guinea pigs and rabbits, the most beautiful Dutch children were anxiously anticipating the arrival of fresh eggs. The egg-laying hens teased us as they jumped onto the back of the wood step. They turned their backs giving us the illusion they would soon lay eggs, but didn’t.

Considering some hens lay three eggs every four days then repeat the cycle again, I grabbed half a dozen eggs from the Honest Shop and noted my purchase. The kids were still waited disappointingly as I ducked through the petting barn for cover from the hard rain and strong winds.

Fresh eggs, © Feather Down Farms
Fresh eggs, © Feather Down Farms

By the time I returned to the tent, my husband had started the fire and gladly welcomed the mug of coffee and fresh raisin rolls. The next challenge would be to make a real meal on the wood burning stove.

That morning’s menu included, scrambled eggs with red peppers, onions, and garlic topped on a slice of buttered whole wheat toast. Our first glamping breakfast turned out well. The only trick is to control the wood burner temperature, so prep everything first before you start cooking.

Glamping bed and breakfast cooked on a wood-burning stove at Feather Down Farms
Glamping bed and breakfast cooked on a wood-burning stove at Feather Down Farms

Shower and Shave

There is yet another barn, this one with hot water, where you can shower and shave. Some people took advantage of it and it appeared others just went for a true camping experience by bemoaning a shower at the campground glampground. You’ll need to haul your towels, flip-flops, and bath items to the shower barn, to get fresh, sparkly, and squeaky clean.

The one thing I can’t refrain from is to brush my teeth at least twice daily, so I brought my toothbrush. At least my pearly whites were clean and my breath didn’t frighten the farms animals away. Ok, ok, so I cheated and glamped a bit.

Insider Tip #3

Many of the Feather Down Farms Holland offer services such as ready-made fires to welcome you and even a set of bath towels; I’d recommend you purchase the services if you aren’t ready to leave the comforts of home quite yet.

What’s on the Agenda?

Depending on your preferences and the weather, you can discover the farm and farm living. Take a farm tour, hike or bike ride in the forest, play with the kids in the barn, or just hang around and relax.

Our Feather Down Farm was located near some quaint villages in Holland. That gave us the chance to discover the area and visit a local restaurant. A great excuse to heat up and charge the mobile phone. Too bad we forgot the charger.

Friendly bull from Feather Down Farms Holland
Friendly bull from Feather Down Farms Holland

The End of a Unique Experience

Once we got the hang of glamping, we thoroughly enjoyed the Feather Down Farm Holland vacation concept and the surroundings—you leave the city madness and are welcomed into simple country ‘green’ living.

We slept comfortably in our tent which was under a tree with an owl above that cooed us at night. We enjoyed the sunrise holding a cup of coffee watching the cows graze across the meadow, and relished the moments with our furry little vacation pet Hasi.

Making our own fire to heat the tent and cook our food was very empowering and after the first attempt were able to make some decent meals. By the end of the trip I was whistling my way through the woods with my cart to pick up dry wood and thinking about returning to one of the many Feather Down Farm locations around the world very soon, but most certainly when the weather is warm and toasty.

My Glamping Experience at Feather Down Farms

Next to the calves in the same barn the fragrance of fresh hay was replaced by the scent of freshly cut wood and wood chips. We loaded our cart with wood and it hit me that the next phase would be our ability to make a fire and cook on a wood burning stove. Thank goodness my husband spend time in the wilderness and volunteered to make the fire which most definitely made my glamping introduction at Feather Down Farms warm and comfortable.

© Feather Down Farm
© Feather Down Farm, the cows have right of way

On the way back from the calf coddling session and after selecting our precious wood, we stopped in another barn where we heard squeaking, cackling, and clucking tones. And there they were, a family of guinea pigs scrambling around in one pen probably exchanging messages that another set of humans were on board.

The other pens in the petting barn included rabbits, and yet another where hens bobbed their necks as they walked and would hopefully lay some fresh eggs. If not, I’d just pick some up in the Honesty Shop and note down the quantity.

The Honesty Shop (General store) from our Feather Down Farms vacation
The Honesty Shop (General store)

This Feather Down farm in Holland encourages you to get in touch with the animals and the children and parents did just that by sitting on wooden benches petting, feeding, and watching the furry little companions scurry around.

From the petting barn, we meandered our way through the trees and vegetation along the short route were beautiful sounds of the forest entertained us. Birds, owls, and the sounds of my Wellies stomping on wet fresh fallen leaves quickly got me in the mood to enjoy nature if just for a long weekend.

The final stop was our tent where we’d be roughing it for the next 72 hours. Well, not exactly because it’s glamping after all.

In front of the tent our vacation pet ‘Hasi’ as we named him was waiting in his pen. We took care of the rabbit (for a small fee) and treated him as our own pet—feeding and petting him during our stay.

Our rented vacation rabbit from our Feather Down Farms vacation
Vacation rabbit from our Feather Down Farms vacation

Our hostess presented us the tent basics such the wooden cool box, wood burning stove,  bio-toilet (that actually flushes), sleeping quarters accompanied with thick comforters, and lastly running water. What else can a girl ask for?

The Experience

Once alone in our tent, I seriously wondered if I could make it for the next 3 days without the ability to turn on the light switch and turn the stove know to boil water.  There was no turning back (although my husband asked about checking into the hotel in the next village). We quickly divided up our tasks to which included, lighting, heating, sleeping, unpacking the perishables, and preparing a warm evening meal.

The Feather Down Farms info sheet includes instructions on starting a fire, but my handy husband didn’t need it. He checked the damper air flow, placed the primary and secondary wood pieces in the stove, and later added a piece of coal to keep the fire burning for longer than normal, and in a few minutes it was roaring. By that time I had finished making the beds and organized our belongings.

© Feather Down Farm tent interior
© Feather Down Farm tent interior

Next challenge would be preparing a meal. No it wouldn’t because this planner girl had cooked a Sweet Potato Thai Curry chicken Soup ahead of time. The slightly frozen soup heated up quickly and within a few minutes, we were enjoying a bowl of delicious hot soup in the candlelight, with kerosene lanterns, and a few flashlights to brighten the dimly lit tent.

Insider Tip #2

Everyone in your party, including the children should have their own flashlight with fresh batteries, in order to find their way around the tent and farm surroundings. We even slept with our flashlights because there are no windows in the bedrooms. In addition, I’d recommend a clip lamp for the bathroom.

cooking while glamping
Soup cooked on Feather Down farm wood burning stove

After a second helping of soup, we rinsed and dried our dishes using the bio-cleanser and towels included in the tent fee and scratched our heads wondering what we should do next. It was raining cats and dogs, so a walk in the forest was out of the question. At 7:00 PM it was too soon to go to bed, so being the planner I am, I dug out the game bag of Banagrams, Uno, Monopoly, and more.

After a rambling round of games we carried our lit flashlights to the master bedroom in the back of the tent and would hopefully enjoy a restful night of sleep dreaming about what would be in store our first glamping morning.