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Welcome to Travel Meets Food!

My name is Sharon and I’m a Midwest girl who’s been traveling the world for over 15 years. I’m married to a German man who also shares my passion for travel and food.

This blog is devoted to the wonders of two of my favorite things–travel and food. To me, the blend of the two couldn’t be more invigorating or exciting and I very much look forward to new discoveries whether across Europe or across town.

My blog is about the way I travel and how I capture vacation memories. I love to journey to new cities and regions, learn about and indulge in local eats, visit food markets like the locals, and bring home a taste of the vacation. It’s not only about where you go, but what you eat when you get there.

During this journey I’ll introduce you to travel insights and tips, local foods and recipes either long lost or reinvented, and spices I have discovered along the way that add colour, flavor, taste, and are healthy for you as well.

For me travel is a reason to taste, so have a great journey and happy eating!

You can contact me at Sharon[at]travelmeetsfood.com or complete the form below.

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